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25 Painting Ideas for Kids

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Paint and brushes on a desk

Including fun painting ideas for beginners

We all know that art is a great form of sensory play and can help fine motor skills in kids. Having simple painting ideas for kids to do when they get bored can help to increase their creativity and really help them have fun at home.

Having an art project to complete is a great way to get the kids away from their screens for a bit and really go crazy.

Most kids love nothing more than being given a piece of paper and some paints that they can explore and mix together.

Painting essentials for kids

Before you start your kids off, make sure that you have all the basics covered.

Have you got a kid’s apron that can be easily washed? We love this Children’s Kids Toddler Waterproof Play Apron* for smaller kids or this Adjustable Chef Aprons for older kids*.

Think about your table or floor. Do you have something to protect it? You could use newspaper or an old shower curtain. We use this Linen 702 Beige Polka Dot Vinyl Tablecloth* that can be wiped clean really quickly.

If you have older kids then they might prefer acrylic paint like these Chiltern Arts 8 Tubes of Assorted Colour Acrylic Paint*. They give a real depth of colour and are great for painted rocks too.

Do you have washable paints? We love the Crayola 6 Washable Kids Paints* collection as they come in little pots that be used again and again plus they wipe away quickly on skin.

Whatever art materials you have at home, use them to get your kid’s creative juices flowing. They could create anything from a Minecraft art painting to a castle activity for school.

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Simple painting for kids

All of our painting activities below are really simple for kids. Kids’ art doesn’t have to be amazing or on paper. Use what you have lying around the house from out of date eggs to stones and cardboard.

So grab some old shirts, cover your table and enjoy these 25 painting ideas for kids that are simple and fun.

Name Art

Coffee and Carpool have a great name art idea for toddlers and primary aged kids. Using earbuds, get the kids to lightly dab them into the paint then onto the paper. You could start by drawing out their name for them or getting them to do it freehand is fun as well.

What we love the most about this is that it can be as creative as they are.

They could mix colours and go bright while learning the shapes in their name.

Foot Art

Grab some pieces of paper, cover the floor and let your kids make footprints in the paint. This art activity is great for all ages and actually quite relaxing while being creative.

You could even use some brown paper and use this painting activity as wrapping paper for family.

Paint With Nature

Glitter on a Dime has come up with loads of ways you can use nature as art. Go out for a walk and pick up as many sticks and leaves as you can. Use them as paintbrushes and get the kids to really explore the brush strokes that each item makes.

Leaf Painting

The Best Ideas For Kids gives us this idea that can be perfect for all ages. Go walking for fresh leaves then lay them out on the table. For younger kids, let them go crazy and produce art that they love. Older kids could get more creative and dot paint.

Viscosity Art

This STEM art project from Darcy Brian is great for older kids. It’s a real mix of science and art which will really blow your kids minds.

Watercolour Snow Paint

We love this idea from The Gingerbread House. This watercolour snow painting idea is a STEM activity while making kids think outside the box with their art.

Sponge Art

This sponge art idea from The Flying Couponer is a great kids art project idea that is really easy to do. Buy some cheap sponges and draw a shape on them with a marker. Cut around your shape to make your brush. You could do as many shapes as you like! This is great for all ages, from primary school kids learning their shapes to older kids who are interested in fine art.

Blow Painting

Mombrite has a great blow painting activity for older kids. All you need are some straws and washable paint to get started. Really see how far your kids can go with this.

Print Making

This printmaking craft from Hands on Teaching ideas is great for all aged kids. Use cardboard as brushes by cutting out different shapes. Then dunk these in the paint for loads of different shapes.

Painting Eggs

If like us you always have out-of-date eggs then this is a great way to use them. Boil them up so they are hard and get the kids painting them once they have cooled. It’s a great way for kids to learn different painting techniques using different shapes.

Ice Cube Painting

Glitter on a Dime has come up with this fun kids’ art idea that is great to beat boredom. Fill in the old ice tray with as many different colours as you can. Use paintbrushes to really get inside the corners. Once done, add some plastic toys into each section. Then freeze. Pull them out after a couple of hours and use them as paintbrushes. This is a really easy idea that turns painting fully on its head.

Crayon Waterpainting

Mombrite has a great way for kids to pass secret messages to each other while being creative. Using a white crayon, get the kids to write messages on a plain piece of paper. Then, grabbing your watercolours, paint over the writing or drawing to reveal it.

Fork Painting

Active Littles has a great idea for art using forks. It may sound crazy but these art activities are great for all ages who want to explore texture in their art work.

Painted Rocks

Stones that have been painted

This is one of our favorites kids’ art ideas. You can go walking along a beach to grab some stones or buy some soft pebbles* that are great for painting on.

For older kids, get them to paint their favorite character. For primary-aged children, why not ask them to paint for whatever topic they are doing at school from wildlife to dinosaurs.

The great thing about painted rocks is that you can then hide them outdoors afterward for a great scavenger hunt.

Painted Bodies

A child holding their hands with paint on

This one is a bit “out there” but it’s great for younger kids who like to get messy. Put down some paint and let them explore how it feels on their fingers and on their body.

We let ours go crazy from painting their arms to painting their legs and chest. Make sure you have washable paint that comes off quickly.

Paint Bombs

Mombrite has this paint bomb technique for kids. Step outside and place your paper. You can use paintbrushes from up high or old film canister. Using both ways helps you to see what is possible with art.

Pendulum Painting

Hello, Wonderful has a great painting idea for older kids who are looking for art projects to complete. This involves a bit of construction but once down can make beautiful art that is different every time.

Water Bead Painting

Hello, Wonderful has a great water beads craft for kids. Let them go creative and see what they can do.

Stenciled Name Blocks

This fun art project from Artsy Fartsy Mama is great for all ages. You can either buy some stencils or get the kids to make their own out of cardboard.

Firework Salt Painting

Finding Myself Young has a great process art project for younger kids. This salt firework painting craft is different everytime you try it.

Rainbow Art

Little Bins, Little Hands has this fun rainbow activity for the whole family. Using tape, get the kids to make shapes. Then they can go crazy with the different coloured paints to make a rainbow with a difference.

Finger Painting

Finger Painting is a great way to get creative for all ages. Smaller kids can touch the paint to make a picture while older kids can really explore the texture of their fingers and how that can change a picture.

Watercolour Painting

Watercolor painting is a great way to make texture and layers in a painting. Use them for outdoor scenes or with other paints for lighter contrasts.

Painting junk

If you have a lot of recycling around the house then that makes an amazing canvas. They could paint the insides of the toilet roll or the outside of a cereal packet. The great thing about this is that it can be totally crazy for smaller kids or a real piece of process art for older children. This could become a great craft activity too.

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Chalk Paint

Using chunky chalk, put them into a bag and turn them into dust. Then add the dust into old cups with a little water. This makes amazing paint that is bright and fun.

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Here are 25 painting ideas for kids that are creative and fun. Let the kids get messy and really use their creative skills by Laura at Things To Do In Hampshire With Kids

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