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50 Things To Do On A Rainy Day At Home

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Wellies by a front door

What to do on a rainy day

If you are looking for indoor activities for kids at home then this post is for you. It’s packed full of 100 things to do indoors for the whole family including rainy games, crafts and cooking.

These are all fun things to do with the family while it’s raining.

Rainy days at home don’t have to be boring! If you are stuck indoors then this can all be done from the comfort of your living room.

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Cooking with the family

Biscuits all stacked up

Baking and cooking as a family is a great way to bring you all together while not only teaching the kids to cook but also some maths skills too.

Our favourite things to cook with the kids are:

Chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate chip shortbread

Fairy cakes

Fruit muffins



Science Experiments

Science experiments are fun for all ages! These will keep the keep amused while teaching them something great about the world around them.

 Rainbow Slime

What kid doesn’t love slime? We make our slime with simple household items and it lasts for ages. Mix them together and watch them stretch and make weird shapes as they touch and feel the slime. We used our own Rainbow Slime recipe here.

Rainbow Rainy Day Art

This rainbow art is great for all ages. All you need is washable markers and some paper. Start by making a picture with the washable pens. Then stick your picture outside and watch the magic happen.

Magnet Fishing

This is a great and fun way to teach kids about magnets while having fun. Rhythms Of Play talks you through what to do to make this extra fun for the whole family.

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Cardboard Bridges

This is a great activity for primary school kids that not only keeps them amused but that also teaches them about weights. Pink Stripey Socks talks you through how to keep this interesting and keep the kids guessing on what is going to happen next.

Magic Carrot

Our Family Code shows you how to make carrots look magic. While you wow them, the kids are actually learning about volume too.

3D Drawings

Our Family Code shows you how to draw in 3D. This is great for older kids who want to be amused on a rainy day and who have run out of electronic time. The site talks you through the simple tricks and ways to make this really work and stand out.

Melting Ice Experiment

Every wondered what melts ice the fastest? Well this experiment by The Chaos And The Clutter is great for the whole family. Why not make it into a game and all guess which one you think will melt first?

Unicorn Density Tower

This is another science experiment that can easily be turned into a game too. Darcy And Brian talk you through the densities of liquid and why it’s fun to find out which one is the heaviest.

Balloon Air Pressure

This is all about air pressure and how it works. It’s a really simple experiment using balloons, a jar, paper and matches. This is a great weather experiment too!

Orange Volcanoes

This volcano uses household items that make a great fun experiment. It’s not even that messy! The Art Kit Blog talks you through it step by step and shows clearly how a volcano explains due to the pressure.

Craft inside activities

Children doing craft on a newspaper outside

These craft activities are great for all ages. Lids can be left to experiment and make some really knock out pictures.

Potato printing

If you have some almost off potatoes then cut them in half and make a pattern. Easy ones are the best! Then put them in paint and watch the creative images come alive. Use this book for inspiration.

Painting eggs

If you have any gone off eggs then use them! Hard boil them first and let the kids paint them!

Toilet roll people

Use the inside of the toilet roll to make your favorite characters. We love making Star Wars characters but any will do!

Brown wrapping paper

We use this brown paper here as it’s fully recyclable too*. Get the paint out and go crazy. It make great personalized wrapping paper for the whole family.

Finger puppets

You can make these out of anything but we love using old wooden spoons with googly eyes. Have a look at this craft box for great ideas.

Toilet roll printing

Use your old inserts to make some great and wacky pictures. Cut them up or join them together to make fun pictures. Then stick them in paint!

Make streamers

Do this with tissue paper, fabric or even ribbons.

Make your own lanterns

Paint a jar and then put a candle in.

Make pictures with pasta

Any shaped pasta will do. PVA glue is perfect for sticking.

Make your own ice cream playdoh

2 cups cornflower, half a cup of salt, 2 tbsp oil, 2 tbsp cream tartar, 2 cups of boiling water, quarter of a cup of vanilla essence.

Mix together all the ingredients in one bowl. Stir in till it’s all combined together. Once it’s cooled, roll it out. If you want different colours then separate into different bowls and add different food colourings.

Paint a family portrait.

Indoor fun activities

Sewing with a purple knitting neddle

These indoor activities could keep kids busy for hours. These are simple to do and really gets their creative juices flowing.

Indoor treasure trash

Tell the kids that somethings needs to be put away in an area but you aren’t going to tell them what it is. It’s a great way to get everyone tidying up quickly.

Build a tower using spaghetti and marshmallows

This makes a great rainy day game! Get some giant marshmallows and dried spaghetti and get building. The person with the tallest tower wins. We like these giant marshmallows from Amazon*.

Create a costume using just toilet roll or foil

It’s time to get creative. Use toilet roll or foil to make your own costume. Then put on a fashion show for the whole family.

Build a marble run using lego, straws, or toilet rolls

If your kids are fed up with their normal marble runs then get them to build a new one! Grab a flat piece of cardboard and let them use anything they can find to stick to it. Make sure they keep testing it to check it’s working too!

Design your own t-shirt

You can do this cheaply by buying a cheap white t-shirt and some fabric pens. We use these fabric pens from Amazon*.

Paint rocks

You can pick these up from your local beach or buy the rocks from Amazon here*. Paint them and hide them when you next go out. There’s loads of local Facebook groups too to let people know where you’ve hidden them.

Make your own cafe or shop

Grab an old box and paint it. Let the kids pick which shop they want to be and how to decorate it.

Frozen ice

Get the kids to pick daisies from the garden and freeze them in ice cubes.

String obstacle course

Easily done with string and blue tac.

Face painting

We use these face paints from Amazon*. Take in turns to paint each other and see how creative you can all be.

Make a tent

You can make a tent under the table or even over the sofa.

Write and make a book.

Make a kitchen band with pots and pans.

Have a birthday party for a cuddly toy

Make a card and present.

Have a dance and sing Happy Birthday.

Have an indoor picnic.

Grab the sheets and wave them.

Let the kids run under like it’s real waves.

Have an upside-down meals day

Have lunch at breakfast and dinner at lunch.

Research your family tree

The internet makes this so much easier. There’s loads of free and paid sites that help you track down your family.

Fun games to play inside

Different coloured chalks

Floor is Lava

Get the kids to play as normal and every so often shout “the floor in lava.” Count down from five and get them to find somewhere to stand off the floor. Whoever is still standing on the floor is the Lava Monster and it’s their turn to shout.

Make your own board games

Make your own Monopoly or your own games.

Use an old cardboard box as a hoop

Cut different shaped holes and throw socks through.

Make paper airplanes

See who’s can go further.

Play the post-it game

Each of you write a character and stick it on each other’s forehead then guess who you are

Pick a lolly

Grab a cheap bag of lollies like these from Amazon* and paint the bottom of half. Each family member takes one and the painted one is the winner.

Lucky dip

Wrap up a few old toys in newspaper. Put them in a box and each pick one out to play with.

Put a peg on a family member

One person has a peg and tries to put it on another family member’s back without them noticing. When they do it’s their turn to do it.

Let each family member pick what to wear for someone else.

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Tin can alley

Set up your tins in the hallway and roll a ball. The most tins knocked down is the winner.

Play higher or lower with a set of cards

Set an alarm set for every thirty minutes.

So soon as it goes off it’s time to dance.

Make a treasure hunt

This is like a massive scavenger hunt but inside. Someone hides an object then draws a map of where it is and everyone goes looking for it.

Laura x

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Here are 50 things to do on a rainy day at home for the whole family. These include everything from crafts to fun games to play inside by Laura at Things to do in Hampshire with kids.

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