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37 Outdoor Play Ideas for Kids

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Here are 37 outdoor play ideas for kids that are perfect regardless of if you have a garden or not. Explore the outside world with out things to do ideas by Laura at Things to do in Hampshire with kids

Painted sticks on a coloured background

If you are looking for outdoor play ideas for your primary aged kids then this post is for you. We all know that being outside is good for us but it can be really fun too.

You don’t need a garden to do all these activities either. They can be done on a country walk or part of a day out in one of Hampshire’s country parks.


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Outdoor Toys

Purple bouncy castle

If you prefer to stay at home and have a garden then one of these outdoor toys might be fun for your little one:

Bouncy castles

There’s loads of different bouncy castles that are perfect for small kids. If you like the idea of a castle then this Jump-o-lene Castle Bouncer* is great, or how about a round bouncy castle like Greenfields Jump-O-Lene Kids Bouncy Castle*.


Paddling pools

Great for the summer months to keep the whole family amused. We love the Bestway 54006 Family Rectangular Inflatable Pool*, which is great for larger kids or the Ucradle Paddling Pool Baby Inflatable Pool* for smaller kids.


Climbing frames

For smaller kids then this Plum Climbing Pyramid Wooden Play Centre* is great to keep them active and for older kids try WICKEY Wooden Climbing Frame Smart Action Blue* which is great for smaller gardens too.


Role play

If you’d prefer role play outdoor toys then have a look at this Kids Brown/Silver Wooden Play Kitchen* that’s great for smaller kids.


Sand pits

Sand pits are great for all primary aged kids. This Liberty House Toys Children’s Sand Pit with Seating and Cover is great for role play too. If you are short of space then why not try this deAO 40 Pieces Sand and Water Outdoor Activity Table*.


Outside Play Ideas

Chalk noughts and crosses on a pavement

Drawing with outside chalk

We love drawing on the pavements. We do snakes and ladders, draw roads and play games with the chalks. We use these Be Creative AL510 Chalk for Children Tub of 20 Giant Assorted Colours*.


Catch butterflies

Regardless of if you are out and about or at home in the garden, then A Day In Our Shoes has a great step by step guide on how to catch a Butterfly without hurting it. This is a great way for kids to examine bugs in their garden.


Make fairy nature wings

Megan Zeni has a great idea for making homemade nature fairy wings. They are a great way for kids to get to know what is growing around them while making something beautiful.


Build a bug hotel

Megan Zeni talks you through how to build your very own bug hotel in your garden and what kind of insects might move in.

Build a Nature Fairy House Building Activity

Glitter On A Dime talks through how to build a nature fairy house. You can build it with whatever you find in the garden or on your nature walk.


Bug spotting

Bug spotting is great for all ages. Carrots Are Orange talks through the importance of bug spotting and the fun it is for kids.


Grow your own vegetables

Carrots Are Orange explains why it’s great for kids to grow their own vegetables and why it’s so much fun for all involved.


Build an Elves House

Building an elf house in the garden is great for imagination play. Grab what you have or go for a walk and pick up sticks and leaves on your walk. Red Ted Art shows you how to build the elves house.


Suncream painting

Team Cartwright talks through how to make a suncream painting. This is a great outdoor activity for all ages that can inspire the imagination. Use your leftover suncream for this year to complete this easy to do craft.


Natural clay art

Hands On Teaching Ideas talks through this easy outdoor craft. All you need is natural clay and some sticks or leaves. Anything that is from the natural world. The kids can then paint the clay outside too.


Make flower soup

Making flower soup is a fun way to get the kids to pick up leaves and flower heads from the garden floor. Taming Little Monsters talks through how to make this work from smaller kids and how much fun it can be!


Hammering flower art

Taming Little Monsters explains how hammering flowers work and why it’s a fantastic way to enjoy the outside with smaller kids.


Natural noughts and crosses

Growing Family talks through how to make a natural game of noughts and crosses by grabbing whatever you have around you in your garden. It steps up the classic game to a whole new level.


Twig – wrapped flowers pots

Growing Family shows how easy it is to make a natural flower pot from just what’s in your garden. It would make a great gift for the Grandparents too.


Nature scavenger hunt

Barley and Birch gives you a free printable nature scavenger hunt that you can use out and about or in your own garden. It’s a great way to teach the kids about nature.


Leaf activity sheet

This is a great craft activity for the whole family. Print off Barley and Birch’s printable and find out what kind of leaves you have in your garden.


Play dough fairy forest

Grab some play dough and whatever leaves, sticks or pinecones you can find from your garden. Barley and Birch shows you how to make your own natural fairy forest.


Make mud cakes

Mud cakes are great fun for smaller kids to explore the dirt around them. The Gingerbread House talks through what you need to make the perfect mud cake.


Make a garden journal

Follow Frugal Coupon Living on how to make a nature journal. Grab a pad and paper and whatever nature you can find in your garden. Stick it into the book and have fun labelling what you find.


Make a gelatine flower suncatcher

This is a great outside craft for older kids. Thimble and Twig talks you through how to make a successful flower suncatcher like no other.


Make a Hapa Zome

Make a natural craft that is also great as a gift for Grandparents. Thimble and Twig talks you through how to successfully make a Hapa Zome with the whole family.


Paint leaves to make butterflies

Painting leaves has never been so fun! Thimble and Twig has come up with 7 easy leaf crafts that are great to help kids explore the outdoor world.


Make stick letters

Making Hello Wonderful’s natural stick letters not only helps your kids explore the outside world but also helps them to form letters. These can be made with sticks and any kind of yarn.


Make a germination science experiment

This is not only a science experience but a great way for older kids to explore the outside. The Educators Spin On It talks you through, step by step how this experiment works.


Herb painting

Use what you have to make art. Grab the paint and walk around your garden and pick up whatever you have. The Educators Spin On It shows you the amazing pictures that nature can make.


Campfire nature craft

This is art with nature! Box of Ideas shows you how to make your own fake campfire with what you have in the garden.


Make a DIY catapult

This catapult by Go Science Kids is a great way to show younger kids cause and effect. They can grab what you have in the garden like twigs and acorns and see how far each one moves through the air.


Garden Sensory Bin

This is a great preschool activity by Blessed Beyond a Doubt. It incorporates the natural world with sensory play.

Texture Scavenger Hunt

Edventures talks through how to make a sensory scavenger hunt for smaller kids. It’s all about touching and feeling their way through nature.


Make your own paintbrushes

Apple Green Cottage shows you how to use nature as a paintbrush. It’s a great way for kids to explore the outdoor world.


Build a stick raft

Kids Craft Room shows you how to make a stick raft. This is great for older kids as they can make it themselves then amend the raft to make sure it floats.


Rainbow windsock

Kids Craft Room shows you how to make a rainbow windsock which is great for smaller kids. It shows kids the direction of the wind and how the natural world works.


Outdoor Puffy Paint

If you’re looking for a natural craft then Messy Little Monster has one for you. This puffy paint is great for painting the outside world.


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Water pistol painting

Grab your water pistol and make a mess with Messy Little Monster. This makes a great painting to give to loved ones too.


Garden magic potion

Make a garden magic potion with whatever you find outside. Put it all in and stir it with a big stick for more fun.


Grow sunflowers

Growing your own sunflowers is a great way to show kids how nature grows. Get them to plant them then measure them. Little Sprouts Learning talks through how to do all this successfully.


Make minibeast traps

Rainy Day Mum shows you how to make a minibeast trap. This is a great way to show kids what different bugs live in your garden. Get them to draw them afterwards too.

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