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The Biggest List of Skate Parks in Hampshire

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Trainers on a skate board

If you are looking for a free or cheap day out for older kids then why not try one of these skate parks in Hampshire?

If your kids love scootering, rollerblading, BMX or skateboarding, then a skateboard park may be for you.

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Stake parks near me

Skate Parks in North Hampshire

These are the best stake parks in North Hampshire.

Aldershot Skateparks

Aldershot skatepark

302 High St, Aldershot GU12 4LT
This wide-open space is free to use for all. It has large smooth ramps with twists and turns for the more advanced fearless skaters or beginner ramps for those who are just starting out. It’s great for the whole family as once the kids are done with the skate ramps then they can ride or scoot around the park too.

Alton skateparks

Alton Skatepark

Jubilee Skatepark, Chawton Park Rd, Alton GU34 1RF
Alton Skatepark is a concrete skatepark that is great for all abilities. It has a mini ramp for beginners and a number of rails, pipes and ledges split across three levels. Alton Skatepark is a concrete skatepark that is great for all abilities. It has a mini ramp for beginners and a number of rails, pipes and ledges split across three levels.

Andover Skateparks

Andover Depot Skatepark

Churchill Way W, Andover SP10 3LF
Andover Depot Skatepark is a metal skatepark that has smaller ramps with pipes. This is the perfect space for beginner skaters who want to learn how to twist and turn without the bigger slopes. It’s outside and has plenty of parking.
Andover Skatepark

Churchill Way W, Andover SP10 3LF
This huge skatepark is great for more advanced skaters. It’s over two levels and sits inside a huge park that is great for smaller kids who just want to scoot too.
Longparish skatepark

B3048, Andover SP11
Great for BMX bikes, rollerblades and skateparks. It has a mini ramp and is made of wood.
Skate park

Basingstoke Skateparks

Basingstoke skatepark

Ringway South, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG21 3QR
Basingstoke skatepark is a free to use metal concrete park that is fully outdoors. It’s great for all types of rider as it has back and front runs with flat banks at either side.
Chineham skatepark

Longstock Cl, Chineham, Basingstoke RG24 8WR
Chineham Skatepark is a huge skatepark that has mini ramps, pipes, flat banks, jump boxes and ledges. This is a great skatepark for beginners to intermediates. It’s surrounded by a huge field with a forest and has a small car park.
Mill Field Skatepark

Mill Field Lane Nature Reserve, Off Bartons Lane, Old Basing, Basingstoke, RG24 8AN
This is a free metal skate park that has a tarmac base. It has a quarter pipe and funbox.
Oakley skatepark

Station Rd, Oakley, Basingstoke RG23 7HD
Made up of wooden ramps, this small slate park has a ramp and funbox.
Tadley skatepark

Tadley Common Rd, Silchester Rd, Tadley RG26 3PX
This is a concrete skate park that has a quarter pipe and funbox.

Farnborough Skateparks

Farnborough Skatepark

Westmead, Farnborough GU14 7RY
Farnborough Skatepark has a tarmac base with mini ramps, pipes, ledges and flat banks.

Fleet Skateparks

Church Crookham Skatepark

Church Crookham, Fleet GU52 8AU
Church Crookham Skatepark is a concrete skatepark featuring a back and forth plaza layout with a concrete pump track that comes away from the park and loops back.
Fleet skatepark

Fleet GU51 4DH
This metal ramp skate park is a great place for younger kids or beginners to practice. It has mini ramps and jump boxes.

Fordingbridge Skateparks

Fordingbridge Skatepark

Fordingbridge SP6 1AN
This huge skate park is great for all ages. Bring your bike or skate board and enjoy this big skate park.

Grayshott Skateparks

Grayshott skatepark

28 Beech Ln, Grayshott, Hindhead GU26 6LT
Grayshott has a tarmac base and is great for all abilities.

Hook Skateparks

Hook skatepark

Hook Community Centre, Ravenscroft, Hook RG27 9NN
This new skate park is great for all ages. It has a quarter pipes, grinding ledge, flat bars, manual pad, flat bank and open bowl.

Overton Skateparks

Overton skatepark

Winchester Street, Overton, RG25 3NB
The skatepark has a back and forth run and a quarter pipe with a flat bank either side of a funbox.

Winchester Skatepark

Winchester Skatepark

3 Park Ave, Winchester SO23 8DJ
Winchester Skatepark is sat right next to River Park Leisure Centre. The skatepark has a bowl and plaza section. The skatepark is right next to the playground and a straight path, which is great for scooters and bikes.
Bishops Waltham skatepark

40 Elizabeth Way, Bishop’s Waltham, Southampton SO32 1SQ
Bishops Waltham Skatepark is based on a huge green with a playground and basketball court. The skatepark is concrete and has flat banks, a jump box and a driveway.
Stanmore Skatepark

Winchester SO22 4QP
Stanmore Skate park has a quarter pipe and rails.

Whitchurch Skatepark

Whitchurch skatepark

Whitchurch RG28 7JT
This has a metal ramp with a quarter pipe and flat bank.

Yateley Skatepark

Yateley skatepark

Yateley GU46 7RP
This has a great mini ramp that is perfect for beginners.

Skate Parks in South Hampshire

These are the best skate parks in South Hampshire.

Eastleigh Skateparks

Chandlers Ford Mini Ramp

Greenways, Chandler’s Ford, Hampshire, SO53 2LE

Chandlers Ford Mini Ramp is great for beginner skaters or bike riders. The tarmac base is flat, perfect for the long run ups you’ll need to practice. There’s a great play area for younger kids and a huge field to play on.
Eastleigh skatepark

Chestnut Ave, Chandler’s Ford, Eastleigh SO53 3LD
Eastleigh skatepark is in in industrial estate just before Asda roundabout. It has free parking and is great for bikes and skateboards. Eastleigh skatepark has a concrete bowl, metal ramps, quarter pipes and funbox.
Knightwood Skate Park

Chandler’s Ford, Eastleigh SO53 4SJ
Knightwood skate park is huge and a great place for younger kids to go and practice.
Knowle Park Skatepark

Knowle Lane, Knowle Ln, Fair Oak, Eastleigh SO50 7DZ
Knowle Park has a mini ramp, quarter pipe and a funbox with driveway and ledge.
Knowle Park Skatepark

Knowle Lane, Knowle Ln, Fair Oak, Eastleigh SO50 7DZ
This skate park is great for older kids with some experience.
Hedge End skatepark

Greta Park, Southampton, England SO30 4DY
Hedge End Skate park is small but it’s great for older kids.

Romsey Skatepark

Romsey Skatepark

2 Southampton Rd, Romsey SO51 8AF
Romsey Skatepark is right next to Romsey Rapids, which also has a great playground for smaller kids. The Romsey Skatepark is great for all skaters, regardless of it you have a bike or a skateboard.

Southampton Skatepark

Hoglands Park Skatepark

Skate Park, Southampton SO14 1HU
This free skatepark is right in the middle of town. It has flat planks and a driveway.
Bartley skatepark

Ashurst Bridge Rd, Totton, Southampton SO40 7EA
Bartley Park Skatepark is based around a figure eight. It’s a huge metal concrete park that also has smaller mini ramps for beginners. It has flat banks and quarter pipes for those who love to skate alongside things. All the surfaces are smooth and there is a lot of space between them which helps if you are practicing. Bartley Park skatepark does not have the most original set of obstacles or arrangements but the surfaces are smooth and there is a lot of space between the obstacles giving you a lot of space to adjust between tricks. It is not the most challenging of skateparks but it is a good place to go and practice the basics.
Bursledon Skatepark

5 Foundry Cres, Bursledon, Southampton SO31 8FY
Bursledon Skatepark is a concrete park that that quarter pipes and a fun box that is great for all skaters. It has a basket ball court and a playground with plenty of green space.
Butlocks Heath Skatepark

Off Woolston Road, Butlocks Heath, Southampton, Hampshire, SO31 5FJ
Butlocks Heath Skatepark is a mini skatepark that’s perfect for beginners. The grounds is also next to a playground and a field which is perfect for games.
Fawley skatepark

Newlands Rd, Southampton SO45 1GA
This has a great mini ramp with one of the quarter pipes going along the return ramp.
Woodhouse Lane Skatepark

Woodhouse Ln, Southampton SO30 2GD
This has a quarter pipe and a funbox.
Hamble skatepark

Hamble-le-Rice, Southampton SO31 4ND
This is a free outside stake park that is fun for all age of kids.
Hythe skatepark

8 Sturdy Cl, Hythe CT21 6AG
Hythe skate park has a metal ramp on a tarmac base.
Marchwood Skatepark

Marchwood, Southampton SO40 4SR
Marchwood Skatepark has a concrete base with a quarter pipe, fun box and a flat bank. There are rails and mine ramps as well.
Hoglands Park skatepark

Skate Park, Southampton SO14 1HU
This is a huge skate park that is right in the middle of the city center.
New Alresford skatepark

Arle Close, New Alresford, Hampshire, SO24 9BG
New Alresford skatepark has a back and forth run and a flat bank.
Riverside skatepark

Woodmill Ln, Southampton SO18 2HU
We love this this skatepark. It is right next to the river and has enough to keep everyone amused.
Shirley skatepark

Warren Ave, Southampton SO16 6GD
With a back and forth run, Shirley skatepark is a great place for kids to really put there skills to the test.
Swanmore Skatepark

Swanmore, Southampton SO32 2PF
This concrete skatepark has an open bowl plus rails and ramps.
Veracity skatepark

138 Sholing Rd, Southampton SO19 2EJ
Veracity skatepark has a huge selection of rails and ramps.

Skate Parks in East Hampshire

These are the best skate parks in East Hampshire.

Emsworth Skatepark

Emsworth Skatepark

20 Coldharbour Farm Rd, Emsworth PO10 7XA
Emsworth Skatepark has a mini ramp, quarter pipe and platform. It also has a funbox and a ledge which is perfect for all style of skaters.

Skate park in grey

Fareham Skatepark

Abshot Mini Ramp

Abshot Rd, Park Gate, Fareham PO14 4LY
This is a free, concreate, and outdoor space that is perfect for beginners. They have a free car park down Abshot Road and there is a small lay-by if the car park is full. If you have smaller kids then they can enjoy the play park too.
Fareham’s Park Lane Skatepark

30 Colenso Rd, Fareham PO16 7SW
Fareham’s Park Lane Skatepark is set among a field on Park Lane Recreation Ground. It has a playground for younger kids and the pavement is flat, so great for kids to scooter and roller blade. The skatepark is great for beginners. It’a a concrete course thats small but has a great run.

Havant Skatepark

Bartons Triangle Skatepark

Bartons Road, Havant, Hampshire, PO9 5NP
Bartons Triangle Skatepark is free to get into and open all year round. The skatepark is metal with flat tarmac underneath. It’s great for beginners as it has a mini-ramp to practice on and different sized rails. More experienced riders might prefer the volcanoes, quarter pipes and funbox.

Portsmouth Skatepark

Bransbury Park Skatepark

Bransbury Park, Bransbury Road, Southsea, PO4 9JZ
Bransbury Park Skatepark is great for beginner skaters. It has a mini ramp and a flat bank. It’s based in a huge field with a football pitch and a great flat pavement that’s great for bikes or scooters.
Clanfield Skatepark

Clanfield, Waterlooville PO8 0QD
Clanfield Skatepark is a metal framed skatepark that is outdoors and completely free to use. This skatepark has two quarter pipes, a manny pad with a ledge, rail and a ledged funbox. The park has a football pitch, playground and a huge field for games. There is a small car park on-site too.
Denmead Skatepark

Lowland Rd, Denmead, Waterlooville PO7 6YR
Denmead Skatepark is on King George V Recreation Ground. The frame is metal which has two mini ramps, flat banks and jump boxes.
Gosport skatepark

Cottage Grove, Gosport, Hampshire, PO12 3NY
Gosport skatepark has a quarter pipe and flat ban. It’s great for all ages.
Milton Park skatepark

Milton Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO4 8PR
Milton Park skatepark has a funbox and a quarter pipe.
Paulsgrove Skatepark

Allaway Ave, Portsmouth PO6 4RJ
This skate park is built on a tarmac base. It has spine and rails that are great for beginners.

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Skate Parks in West Hampshire

These are the best skate parks in West Hampshire and the New Forest.

Bordon Skatepark

Bordon Skatepark

Bordon GU35 0JB
The open bowl Bordon Skatepark was open re-vamped in 2017. It’s a huge concrete stakepark that’s great for more experienced riders. It’s free to use and great all year round.

Christchurch skateparks

Bransgore Skatepark

Westbury Close, Bransgore, Hampshire, BH23 8AZ
Bransgore Skatepark is a metal skatepark that sit beside a playground and football pitch. The skatepark has a mini ramp and quarter pipes. The park has it’s own car park as well.

Lymington skateparks

Lymington skatepark

17 Rookes Ln, Lymington SO41 8FP
This metal stake park is great for all ages.

 New Milton Skateparks

New Milton skatepark

Station Rd, Parkview Mews, New Milton BH25 6NA
New Milton skatepark is amazing. It has everything a pro would need for a great time.

Ringwood Skatepark

Ringwood skatepark

 Frampton Pl, Ringwood BH24 1JW
Ringwood skatepark is a great place to take your kids to have fun with there bikes or boards.

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