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Telegraph Woods

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Telegraph Woods sign

Telegraph Woods is a small public woodland in Eastleigh, Southampton that many locals know well.

It’s a great place to visit for the whole family. It’s a buggy-friendly wood that stretches from Telegraph Road in West End all the way to the Ageas Bowl in West End, by the M27 motorway.

It’s perfect for family walks, adventures, tree climbing, and dog walking. The paths are uneven and hilly at times so it’s not always buggy friendly. The track does get smaller as you go but we’ve seen older kids on bikes navigate it well.

Unless you know where Telegraph Woods are, you’ve never be able to find them. Parking is down Telegraph Road in the side in-lays. The road is small with houses on one side and the woods on the other.

There’s plenty of ways into the woods. If you can, start at the top the road and go through the iron gates.

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Trees in Telegraph Woods

Make sure you view the maps at that first gate. It shows you the different trails you can take but you can explore and make your own too.

If you keep to the main pathway, which is wide, then it takes you all the way to end of the woods where you’ll be able to see the Ageas Bowl. From there, the path goes around, in a giant circle to the other side of the woods.

It can take about three hours to walk the whole woods if you stick to the outer path. There are loads of ways you can walk through including climbing up and down the muddy hills or through the dense bushes.

If you make your way nearer the middle, on your right you’ll see a couple of big hills. These are great for running up or down.

There are plenty of places to stop and just enjoy the wildlife. Find a bent-over tree to have a picnic on or explore through the woods and find some great places to climb the trees.

Trees in Telegraph Woods

Nearer the middle, down the hill to the left is a huge lake. In the summer months, it’s full of lily pads and pond life creatures that the kids love to spot.

You can also climb over many of the fallen trees, some do block the path, which makes it extra fun if you’d prefer not to climb over.

We’ve found many spots to sit down and spot squirrels, badger holes and birds. Why not print off our Scavenger Hunt Map and see how many animals you can spot? You could also take some tree rubbings or pick up sticks as you walk.

There’s no green land to play, it is just a woodland right by a road but you’ll be surprised at how quiet the woodland actually is.

Just stepping inside the first gate makes you feel like you are in the middle of the New Forest. You can’t hear any of the passing cars not even from the motorway.

Trees in Telegraph Woods

There’s a great trail too. We spotted fairy doors, hearts and pictures of dolls that the local community have put up. We’ve found painted stones here too, and even hidden some as well.

Telegraph Woods is a great place to visit if you want to explore a forest or go for a family walk without having to drive to the New Forest.

There are no picnic benches, toilets or cafe nearby but that doesn’t spot you from bringing your own food and enjoying the day together.

The bins by all the gates, which are located down Telegraph Road about three or four meters away from each other.

There is a way in from the other end, by The Ageas Bowl, that is a public footpath, but it looks like it leads into the golfing green.

Trees in Telegraph Woods

If you are looking to pair this with another activity then why not try West End Parish Park. It’s a 5-minute drive from Telegraph Woods and has parking on the road.

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The playground is great for all ages and the green land right next to it is perfect for picnics or ball games. It is a bit hilly though and does do down a long way if the kids decide to run down it.

West End Parish Park is gated and surrounded by bushes and trees. It’s a great place to let the kids run off any extra energy they have after exploring Telegraph Woods.

Laura x

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