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21 Halloween Crafts for Kids That Can Decorate Your Home

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Pumpkins with false teeth

If you are looking for easy Halloween crafts that you can do at home then this is the post for you. These kids crafts mean that they can still decorate the house and have fun even if they need to stay at home.

These easy Halloween crafts are great for all ages. Halloween decorations are fun to make and mean that you can have a Halloween party at home like no other.

These craft ideas use simple equipment like pom poms, pipe cleaners, candy corn and toilet paper.

Halloween crafts for kids

Halloween rocks that have been painted

All these crafts make for a fun Halloween. Each one has a tutorial that you can follow so that you can make it just like post.

Have fun and go crazy this Halloween.

1. Mummy Halloween Craft

This easy to make craft mummy is made with a used white t-shirt, cereal box and googly eyes. It’s great for preschoolers who want to make something spooky. Find out how to make here with Our Family Code.

2. Blood Slime

This is a great slime recipe for primary and secondary school kids by a Military Family of 8. It’s looks like blood and plays like slime. All you need is 1 cup of PVA glue, 2tbs of liquid starch and red food colouring.

3. Halloween Donut Cups

These cute cups can be made into different scary monsters. All you need is some sharpies and clear cups. Fill your clear cups with sweets or donuts. Find out how to make these from the Gluesticks blog here.

4. Preschooler Ghost

Team Cartwright has this cute preschooler craft that’s easy to make. All you need is a piece of paper, cotton balls, sharpies and glue. Let them go crazy and draw or stick their ghost.

5. Halloween Favor Bags

These Halloween favor bags are great for younger kids. You can make witches and monsters. These are great for keeping the kids sweets in. Party With Unicorns gives you templates to use and talks you through how to make this.

6. Halloween Footprint Ghosts

These footprint ghosts are cute for smaller kids and make great presents for Grandparents. Grab some orange card and white paint. Stick their foot in the paint and place it on the card. When dry, decorate it like Coffee and Carpool has done here.

7. Halloween Sewing Craft

This is a great way to teach your kids how to sow. All you need is a soft metal tub, a bit like the one’s you get from a takeaway carton. Grab some white or orange wool and start to poke small holes through the carton in the shape of something scary like a pumpkin or ghost. Then start to sow with thick wool. This is a great craft for older kids and Coffee and Carpool talk you through how to do it.

8.Halloween Art With Pointillism

Pointillism is making art with very tiny dots. Grab some earbuds and some different colour paints and start to dot. Coffee and Carpool have loads of ideas from making a pumpkin to a witch.

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9. Paper Plate Bat Craft

This paper plate bat craft is great for preschoolers. All you need is some black paper, some black paint and some googly eyes. A Dab Of Glue Will Do talks you through how to make your very own bat. You could even turn this into a black cat.

10. Paper Strip Pumpkin Craft

This is great for primary school kids from A Dab Of Glue Will Do who want to decorate their room. Start with an A4 orange paper and cut it into strips. Then start to stick them together in a ball. They look great when done and would make any room more spooky.

11. Happy Spider

This Happy Spider is great for preschoolers. It has wobbly legs and they can decorate it at will. Have a look at Living In Happy Place for great ideas on how to decorate your spider.

12. Halloween Jars

You can use any jars for these. We use our coffee and jam jars. Paint the jars your favorite colour. Artsy Fartsy Mama talks through how to paint on the eyes as well to make them look extra scary. This is a great craft for all ages that decorates a room great!

13. Strong Spider Web

We love this Spider Web craft From Engineer to Stay At Home Mum. This talks you through how to make a spider web that’s strong and stable. Older kids will love making this as it’s not only spooky but the string can hold some serious rocks!


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14. Coffee Filter Bats

Darcy And Brian talk you through how to make these coffee bats. These are great for older kids and grown-ups who want to decorate a room and go full out.

15. Witch Paper Doll

This is a great and easy craft for all ages. Grab some coloured paper, glue, sharpies and scissors. Kiddy Charts talks you through how to do it and how to hang it so it looks amazing!

16. Halloween Tissue Ghosts

These tissue ghosts are great for decorating a room. They look great hung from lights or the ceiling. Craft Moms Share talks you through how to make them here.

Jar with Halloween stickers


17. Plastic Bottle Jack O Lantern Craft

These plastic bottles Jack O Lanterns look great by a window. They can be made out of soda bottles and painted with acrylic paint. Artsy Crafts Mom talks you through how to make them here.

18. Frankenstein Treat Bag

This is a great craft and fun way to keep all the kids sweets together. Start with a funky colour paper bag and decorate it as you like. Artsy Crafts Mom shows you how to make a Frankenstein monster bag.

19. Pool Noodle Frankenstein

The Gingerbread House talks you through how to make these great Halloween crafts that look great when decorating a room.

20. Glow Stick Halloween Costumes

Dress your kids in black clothes and stick the glow sticks together. Using cellotape, stick the glow sticks to the clothes then turn the lights off and watch the sticks glow while the kids dance.

21. Stained Glass Art

This Halloween craft is great stuck to the window. it really shines when the sun is coming down. Start by grabbing a black piece of paper and draw a spooky picture. Then cut the inside out. With tissue paper, cut blocks and stick together. Mosswood Connections shows you how great these can look.


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