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How to Make Slime in the UK

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Blue slime handprint

This homemade slime recipe is really easy to make.

It’s a great fun thing to make with the kids at home and keep everyone entertained for ages!

This recipe has no Borax and is super stretchy.

It’s really quick to make and it great for a rainy day at home. Your kids will love playing this slime and when they are done you can either keep it for a week or throw it away.

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How to make slime – UK recipe

Blue slime on a table

This is our UK recipe on how to make slime. When we made this, we played with it for the whole afternoon!

It is really messy to start with but keep with it. Keep mixing and kneading and it does turn out really great.

It’s a great and fun indoor activity for the whole family. It is a bit messy so make sure that your table is clear and can be wiped down when the slime is finished with.

You could also put a plastic covering down over the table. We use one like this.

Simple tips for making slime at home

1. Make sure you use a metal bowl and spoons as they clean up really quickly.

2. The slime will turn out lighter than your molding clay so keep adding the clay in till you like the colour.

3. The more contact lens solution you add the harder the slime is.

4. Slime is better played with on a mat or tablecloth to save your table.

5. You can add glitter or oils if you want to make different types of slime.

6. This recipe makes enough slime for two kids. You can double it if you or the kids want more.

7. Make sure all hair is put up. Slime goes NOT come out.

8. Make sure your contact lens solution has boric acid and sodium borate in it. This is what helps the slime to bind together.

Homemade Slime Recipe

Blue slime pulled apart

This is a really simple recipe that the kids can help you make. Remember that it is a science experiment though so care should be taken when you are making this.

This is the best slime recipe we’ve found! We have made it our own with some extra ingredients but the basic UK slime recipe is:

227g PVA White Glue

2 tbsp Contact lens solution

1 tbsp Baking soda

2 tbsp Baby oil

2 tbsp Baby lotion

Handful of molding clay

Blue slime

Start by adding the glue then baking soda. Mix it in till they are combined.

Add the baby lotion and baby oil.

Add the contact solution.

Mix in till it starts to harden up. This can take a few minutes so don’t be put off.

Then add your clay. Knead the clay into the mixture in till all the lumps have gone.

The more you knead the better the slime will be!

If it’s still thin after kneading then add two tbsp of cornflour to thicken it up.

You can make different coloured batches and join them. Remember though, that like Playdoh, after a while the slime will turn grey.

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How to fix my slime

Pink slime on a table

Like all science experiments sometimes they do go wrong. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect the first time you make it. Keep practicing and feel assured that your kids will love playing with whatever they have made.

If you need to fix your slime because:

It’s too slimy – Try adding a few tablespoons of cornflour first and knead it in. It could be that you’ve measured out the glue wrong or that you haven’t added enough clay. That’s fine. Keep adding the cornflour and mixing in till it feels right.

It’s too hard – That means you’ve added too much contact lens solution. Add a little at a time at the start and see how it goes.

It’s not coming together – It could be down to your contact lens solution. Make sure it has boric acid and sodium borate listed as ingredients as this is what helps the slime bind together.

It’s to sticky – Give it time. Keep kneading. The more you run it through your hands the better the slime will come out.

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Safety when making slime

This is a science experiment and it can or could go wrong. All safety precautions should be taken before making this slime recipe. By making this recipe you are agreeing to our site terms and conditionals.

Adults should make this recipe. Please remember to always read the labels and seek medical attention if any of the ingredients are ingested.

Please make sure that no slime is ingested and if you notice any allergy then please stop playing with it and consult a health professional.

Please dot leave children unattended while playing with this slime.

Now have fun with your slime!

Laura x

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