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Paulton’s Park Review: All You Need to Know Before You Go

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Paultons Park sign

Including Paulton’s Park rides and Peppa Pig World

Paulton’s Park is the home of Peppa Pig World and is a family theme park based in Romsey in Hampshire and is close to the New Forest National Park. Paultons Park has over 70 fun rides and attractions that are perfect for the whole family right down to babies right up to adults. Even older children will love this amusement park.

Paulton’s Park is the world’s first Peppa Pig World and has a range of attractions that cross from thrill-seekers to smaller rides for younger kids.

Paulton’s Park postcode is SO51 6AL.

Paulton’s Park Ticket Prices

There are different levels of tickets for Paulton’s Park. All children over 1 meter in height need a ticket. The correct online ticket price is £41.75 and for a family of four costs £167.00. The ticket prices are more if you buy them on the day at the park.

Buying your tickets online is very easy. Once purchased, you get sent your tickets to your email address and you can either print them out or have them handy on your phone. They are all scanned as you walk through the barrier.

Kids under one meter do not need a ticket but may be measured on entry so be prepared. We have heard of some people having to buy an extra ticket on the day if their child is hovering around the one-meter mark.

If you are planning to visit Paulton’s Park more than three times a year then it may be worth you looking at an Annual Pass.

These come in three different packages.

Essential Pass – This is the best pass if you are looking to only go in term time. You can turn up anytime, no booking needed as long as it’s not a seasonal event.

Star Pass – With a Star Pass you can visit Paulton’s Park anytime you like as long as it is off-peak, this includes some weekends as well. You can just turn up but please check their calendar as some seasonal days do need to be pre-booked. You also get £2 digital downloads for ride photography, 20% off food and drink and 210% off in their retail shops.

Premium Pass – The Premium Pass gives you access to Paulton’s Park every day it is open. This includes special seasonal days as well. You may need to still pre-book for special events, so please do check their website calendar. There are no restrictions on days with the Premium Pass. You also get all the extra’s like £2 digital downloads for ride photography, 20% off food and drink and 210% off in their retail shops.

Hotels near Paulton’s Park

Paulton’s Park doesn’t have its own hotel but is very close to Romsey and the surrounding Southampton City.

The nearest hotel to Paulton’s Park is Premier Inn Southampton West. This is a great family hotel with parking right outside and a pub restaurant on-site. It will take you about 5 minutes to drive from the Premier Inn Southampton West to Paulton’s Park or you could walk it but it will take about 30 minutes.

Paulton’s Park offer family short breaks through their website which can give you 2 for 1 days or special deals. The hotels on offer are normally a bit further away but perfect if you want or need more days in the park.

You can also camp or glamp near Paultons Park. Right outside, on the A36 is a campsite called Paultons Campsite and Glamping. They offer glamping pods which have all the modern amenities you need including free wifi. They also have space for motorhomes, campers and grass for pitched tents with a 16Amp electric hook up. You can easily walk to Paulton’s Park from here but it would take about 20 minutes.

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Planning your visit to Paulton’s Park

You will need at least six hours at the theme park. Plan your day before you go.

If we turn up at opening time then we tend to do the Lost Kingdom side of Paultons Park first then do Peppa Pig World in the afternoon, normally around 2pm. Peppa Pig World gets very busy in the mornings as everyone tends to head there first. (We don’t blame them, it’s amazing!)

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Arriving at Paulton’s Park

Paulton Park gardens

Car Parking at Paulton’s Park

The road that leads from the motorway to the theme park does get really busy during peak times like school half terms and Christmas.

If you plan to get to the park for the opening time then we would suggest you leave at least 15 minutes to get through the road traffic and into the car park.

The theme park has two massive car parks and an overflow onto the grass area as you drive in so there is always parking space.

If you are arriving for opening then be prepared to be guided in by the marshals who direct you to a car parking space. This does mean that if you are directing to the outer car park you may have an extra 5 minutes walk to the actual theme park entrance.

The great thing about both car parks though is that they are fully concreated and the parking spaces are a good size so you do have enough room to open your doors and boot.

Entering Paulton’s Park

If you have younger children then we would suggest you bring your own buggy. You can rent a single or double buggy but they are harder to push and are quite bulky. You can book this in advance with your tickets online.

As you enter the main circle, you’ll see a small coffee hut and toilets right behind them. These do get busy as they only have three cubicles and one disabled toilet out here so if you can hold on, it might be quicker to go inside the park.

At opening time, the park queue to get in can get very busy as each ticket needs to be scanned. They do open these doors about fifteen minutes before the park opens though to try and get everyone through quickly.

If your child is hovering around the one-meter mark then it may be worth asking a member of staff to measure them. This means that the child is given a wrist band and will not have to be measured again. This is great for younger kids who hate being measured and stops any arguments at rides.

Lost Kingdom Review

Lost Kingdom sign

So as we said above, we always head to Lost Kingdom first as Peppa Pig World gets very busy in the mornings.

Walking towards Lost Kingdon you have loads of amazing birds and the theme parks beautiful gardens to explore.

Gardens and tunnels in Paultons Park

The gardens have everything from a Japanese garden with its own peaceful waterfalls and bridges to a gated pond and old tunnels. The whole green space is surrounded by loads of different animals including Flamingos, parrots, and other exotic birds.

Japanese garden

We love to bring a blanket in the summer and relax in the grounds. No dogs are allowed on-site (unless assisted) so you can guarantee no dog poo on the grass. We let the kids run wild as you can see them completely.

Before you hit the start of Lost Kingdom you have a huge Playground called Percy’s Play Park for over six’s. They have loads of covered benches and a small food and drinks hut close by.

Splash Park in Paultons Park

This is also where one of the splash parks live. In the summer months, it’s running all day and you can enjoy being sprayed and squirted to your heart’s content.

You’ll find a big block of toilets here too.

Next to the splash park is the log flume. This is great in the summer months as it really cools you down. If you keep walking to the corner then you’ll find two rides for the little ones. One is a small tractor ride and the other the Seal ride which is a little log flume for under sevens’.

Tractors at Paultons Park

The Sky Swinger is great for kids over one-meter. You can queue for a two-seater so you can go on with your kids or for a single-seater which is for over one point two meters.

Sky Swinger at Paultons Park

Through to Lost Kingdom, you’ll find everything you need for the best morning of your lives.

Velociraptor ride

You have the Boulder Dash, trampolines, and bouncy castle for the smaller kids while you have the Velociraptor, The Flight of the Pterosaur, Cobra, and The Edge for the bigger kids.

Cobra ride at Paultons Park

Go around the corner towards the exit of the Velociraptor and you’ll find Dino Chase which is a great small rollercoaster for toddlers and early primary school kids and the Little Explorers play park which also has a sandpit.

The Dinosaur Tour Co ride

Back towards the splash park, you have The Dinosaur Tour Co ride which is a sit-in car ride that takes you around to explore dinosaurs and the Temple Heights ride that takes you slowly up and down and around.

Alive Dinosaur Show

This is also where you’ll find the amazing Alive Dinosaur Encounter which involves two keepers feeding a real-life dinosaur (not really). You get to touch it and have your photo taken. They sometimes play games with the dinosaur and have the little dinosaurs out in a box that the kids can touch.

The best way through from Lost Kingdom into Critters Creek is by walking through the Discovery Trail by the Little Explorers play park. This gives you a wooden trail that has been built to encourage the nature wildlife to visit. It’s a path unknown by loads of people.

This takes you out by the huge grounds in the middle of the theme park. Here you will spot many of the birds of prey housed in the theme park.

Follow the paths and that will lead you to Tornado Springs and Critters Creek.

Critters Creek

Starting at Critters Creek you can enjoy the fast Cat-O-Pillar Coaster and the slow Professor Blast’s Expedition Express Train. You can also walk through the hidden Beastie Burrow, which houses all the fascinating creatures like insects, fish, and lizards.

Critter Creek

Just before you hit Tornado Springs make sure you ride on the Tea Cups, the Viking Boats, The Victorian Carousel, and Kontiki.

Kontiki ride at Paultons Park

Tornado Springs

Tornado Springs is new for 2021 and boasts six new rides for this amazing theme park.

Make sure you visit one of the brand new play parks in this area. There is one for the smaller kids and one for over 6s. There’s loads of places for the grown-ups to sit and watch the fun.

The rides include Storm Chaser which is a thrill ride for one-meter and up. It spins and twirls around a huge rollercoaster track.

Cyclonator swings you up to 25 meters in height. It’s great for older kids who love a thrill.

Al’s Auto Academy is a family ride for kids over eighty centimeters. Learn to drive around the track and pick up your driving license too. (At an extra charge.) Parents can ride at the back while the little one drives at the front. Over 7s can drive themselves!

Windmill Towers is a family ride for kids over ninety centimeters. These drop you from a height while splashing you!

Trekking Tractors is always a family favorite. A group of four can ride around and explore what’s growing on the Paultons Park farm that day.

Rio Grande Train Ride takes you around this side of the theme park. It’s great for all ages and really gives you a taste of what the park has to offer the family.

Just before Peppa Pig World is the outside show stage and the undercover picnic area. This goes get busy during peak hours.

If you like a thrill then make sure you have a go on the Pirate Ship too!

Peppa Pig World Review

Peppa Pig and George Pig

My kids have loved Peppa Pig World since they were babies so having this right on our doorstep is amazing.

All the rides in this park of the theme park are perfect for babies upwards. You can either put your baby in a sling or carry them on. Whatever works for your family.

Once you walk under the banner you’ll hear the Peppa Pig theme tune and know that you are in Peppa land.

The first stop has to be Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter Flight which is a soft carousel ride. The queue for this ride does get big so if you want to ride this then head there first.

Going clockwise from Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter Flight in the Penguins. They get fed at 3pm daily and it is well worth a stop. Their home is huge and watching them swim around is like nothing you’ve seen before.

Next is Peppa Pig’s house. You don’t have to queue for this normally as it’s just one room with a moving Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig, Peppa, and George that speak to each other,

Next is Daddy Pig’s Car Ride that takes you around a track and features all your favorite Peppa Pig characters from the TV show.

George Dinosaur ride

George’s Dinosaur Ride can get busy at peak times but is worth the queue. Sit on Mr Dinosaur’s back and enjoy a slow ride around the grounds.

In the middle sites Grandpa Pig’s Boat Trip and Grandpa Pig’s Little Train. Both go around in a small circle but are great for preschoolers!

Grandpa Pigs Boat Ride

The two newest rides in Peppa Pig World are Grampy Rabbit’s Sailing Club and The Queen’s Flying Coach Ride. Both are slow rides that are great for the whole family.

Peppa Pig World

You”ll also find dedicated baby changing rooms and toilets here.

Mr Potato's Playground. Windy Castle and Grandpa Pigs train

Make sure you spend time in Mr Potato’s Playground which is perfect for smaller kids and right next to where Peppa and George come out throughout the day for photo opportunities.

Inside George's Spaceship Playzone

This is also where George’s Spaceship Playzone is located. This is a huge soft play for toddlers right up to primary aged children.

Buffalo Falls

On the edge of Peppa Pig World and Tornado Springs is Buffalo Falls. This is a tame water ride that races you down a slide! Great for anyone over ninety centimeters.

Little Africa

Little Africa

This is a walkthrough like no other. First, see how many Meerkats you can spot in their open pen. You can get really close to them which our kids loved.

Next, walk through the dark area to see if you can spot the Fennec Fox or any of the other night time creatures that live in this part of the park.

This leads you to the bird’s nest as we call it which is packed full of exotic birds that you can watch in their natural habitat.

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Top tips for a great day at Paultons Park

  • Bring your own buggy as the cost of hiring one is around £20 and they are a bit awkward to push.
  • Bring your own picnic as there is loads of benches to eat it including benches around all the playgrounds, around the splash park, and a heated undercover area just before Peppa Pg World.
  • The food is reasonably priced but can get very busy at peak times.
  • If you have a premium season ticket then you do get 20% off all food and drink plus money off at the gift shop.
  • Leave enough time to queue through the traffic as it can get very busy. If you have to park in the outer car park then it may take an extra 5 minutes to walk to the entrance of the park. We always leave at least 20 minutes to queue through the traffic and to walk.
  • Ask a member of staff to measure your child at the entrance. They will then give the kids a wrist band which means they don’t have to be measured again for any ride in the park.
  • Every ride is free in the park, even the small ride ons near the food huts. Great for keeping smaller kids amused in a long food queue.
  • The park has dedicated baby changing rooms that have loads of room for buggy’s and small toilet seats attached to the toilets for smaller bottoms.

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