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The Ultimate Guide to Things to do in Winchester

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St Cross Hospital in Winchester, Hampshire

Including family walks and museums to visit in Winchester

If you are looking for things to do in Winchester then this post is for you. It’s full of top attractions that are great for the whole family.

Winchester, based in the middle of Hampshire is a city like no other. It may be landlocked, but it has loads to do for the whole family throughout the year.

With it’s epic forest land and historic landmarks, Winchester is a great place regardless of the age of your kids.

Parking in Winchester

There are loads of places to park in and around the city of Winchester. You could use:

One of Winchester’s Park and Rides. Normally costs around £3.50 to park and ride for the whole day. They have four:

East Winchester which can be found at Barfield Close, SO23 9SQ

East Winchester which can be found at Garnier Road, SO23 9NP

South Winchester which can be found at Access via M3 Junction 11

Pitt which can be found at Romsey Road, SO22 5PR

There are also loads of inner car parks, these can be expensive though and outer car parks which are a little cheaper.

You could also use the train station or one of the many buses that run through the city.

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Things to see in Winchester

There is so much to do for families in Winchester! The city is steeped in history with wide open spaces and loads of things to do.

National Trust Winchester City Mill

National Trust Winchester City Mill is sat right in the middle of the city. You get to see how bread was made, how the mill works and the future of the mill.

National Trust Winchester City Mill can be found on Bridge Street, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 9BH.

Winchester City Museum

Starting from the Ice Age right up to the Anglo‑Saxon, Winchester City Museum is a great and fun day out for the kids. It’s interactive and really does in to detail about what it was like living in these times. They can have fun becoming an amateur archaeologist or trying on a Roman Guards uniform.

You can find Winchester City Museum at The Square, Winchester, SO23 9ES.

South Downs National Park

Starting at Winchester, the South Downs runs all the way to Eastbourne. It’s full of chalk hills and unbelievable views. You are free to walk around the hills as you wish but we found this website very useful in helping us to map out our walks.

Wolvesey Castle

You wouldn’t believe that Wolvesey Castle was right in the middle of this beautiful city. Wolvesey Castle dates back to the 12th century and while it may be in pieces now, you can still feel the history of the grounds. This is great paired with all the other free attractions that Winchester has to offer.

Wolvesey Castle can be found at College Street, Winchester, Hampshire, S023 9NB.

The Great Hall and King Arthur’s Round Table and Winchester Castle

The castle can be found right in the middle of the city. It’s a beautiful place with the Great Hall, which just takes your breath away. It’s free to enter and doesn’t take long to walk around but is great paired with Queen Eleanor’s Gardens (just outside) and the cathedral.

The Great Hall, Castle Avenue, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 8UJ

Queen Eleanor’s Gardens

Sat just outside The Great Hall, Queen Eleanor’s Gardens is a medieval herbarium that was named after Queen Eleanor of Provence. It’s a lovely garden for the kids to look around in the summer months and for adults to relax in.

St Catherine’s Hill

St Catherine's Hill, Winchester in Hampshire

With it’s vast landscape and stunning views, St Catherine’s Hill in Winchester is a great day out for the whole family. You don’t have to walk to the top of the hill either to get the best views of Winchester.

This stunning land is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to the general public who want to enjoy everything this beautiful chalk downland has to offer.

Twyford Down

Next to St Catherine’s Hill, Twyford Down used to house a fort and chapel back in Roman times and was a well-known route for travelers in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Farley Mount Country Park

Just outside of the city, Farley Mount is a beautiful downland that is great for hiking, playing and cycling. The views at the top of the mount are like no other. You can pretty much see the whole of Hampshire from here! Bring a picnic in the summer months for a full day out.

Farley Mount can be found at SO21 2JG.

The Winchester Treasure Trail

This trail takes you through the whole of Winchester on a kid-friendly trail that can be brought beforehand. This is a self-guided tour that is fun for the whole family.

Winnall Moors Nature Reserve

This 64 hectares of grassland is home to roaming cattle and horses. The whole walk is almost 5 miles long and overlooks the water meadows and Fulling Mill. You can find Winnall Moors Nature Reserve at Durngate Place, Winchester, SO23 8DX.

Abbey Gardens

These lovely gardens sat right in the middle of the city are a great place for a picnic or a walk with the kids. Walk along the river, sit on the benches and enjoy the flat paths that are great for bikes and scooters. There is a small kids playground here as well.

Keat’s Walk

This walk is about two-miles long and takes you through St Cross. Some of the paths are uneven though but there are a few great places to stop for lunch as well.

River Itchen

Running right through Hampshire, River Itchen offers many places for a great hike regardless of the weather. Within the South Downs National Park, there are loads of walks you can take to truly enjoy the landscape that Winchester has to offer.

You could pick up the trail at Itchen Abbas, St Catherine’s Hill or the Itchen Circular.

Winchester Skatepark

Winchester Skatepark is sat right next to River Park Leisure Centre. The skatepark has a bowl and plaza section. The skatepark is right next to the playground and a straight path, which is great for scooters and bikes.

Winchester Skatepark is on Gordon Road, postcode SO23 7DD. It’s great when paired with one of the local parks which you can find below.

Adjutant General’s Corps Museum

Open Tuesday to Saturday, the Adjutant General’s Corps Museum is free to enter and great for older kids who want to learn about their local history.

The Royal Green Jackets Museum

This family museum is great for a rainy day out. It takes around two hours to get around is free to visit. Explore the past up close and personal but really getting a feel of what the Royal Green Jackets are all about.

The Gurkha Museum

Located in Peninsula Barracks, The Gurkha Museum walks you through Gurkha history with interactive stories and films.

Westgate Museum

Right at the top of the high street, Westgate Museum can be found inside the fortified medieval city gateway. This museum is great for older kids who are studying Tudor and Stuart history.

Peninsula Barracks

Overlooking Winchester Cathedral, Peninsula Barracks is part of Winchester’s military quarter which has a range of free and paid-for museums that go in-depth into what life was like in the military.

Winchester Science Museum

Great for all ages, Winchester Science Centre is like no museum you’ve ever been too. Completely interactive and fun, go along and enjoy science by touching and feeling your way around. Find out how the human body works or how the weather is affected by global warming or visit space in their huge planetarium.

Downstairs they have a soft play for toddlers which means that older kids and teens can explore the space rooms in-depth or see one of the museum’s amazing free science shows.

Winchester Cathedral

Winchester Cathedral is a beautiful medieval cathedral right in the center of the city. Sat in a stunning park, Winchester Cathedral is steeped in history. Did you know that it’s the resting place of Saxon royalty? This is great for older kids who are researching their hometown. Take a walk around inside and find out all about the Kings and queens who visited and the role the cathedral has played in our history.

Jane Austen Museum

Step back in time and see how Jane Austen lived. Chawton House is what you’d expect from a stunning Hampshire cottage. Follow Jane’s journey on how she wrote and published her books while living in 1816.

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Oram’s Arbour Park (Winchester)
Olivers Battery Rec (Winchester)
Bradley Road Play Area (Winchester)

Park View Playground (Winchester)

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